2020-03-23T12:36:17-07:00January 16th, 2020|Parenthood|

Diary of Anne Frank

He is crying
and pulling at his face.

Maybe I gave it to him too soon.

His eyes have the look of someone
who climbed into bed
only to find a giant hole
and now he is falling.

He tries to tell me about
all the innocent people
but I can’t hear him
under the covers.

I go to hug him
but I remind him
of the mothers
in the trains
when their arms could still hug.

I’m so mad at myself
I should have been there
I should have stopped it
why didn’t someone stop it.

Such a heavy book for a heart with no walls.

Maybe I gave it to him too soon
or maybe it was his heart they needed
and he was just born
too late.

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