2020-03-24T22:26:14-07:00January 14th, 2020|Musings on life|

His loud voice

Driving home from school
and the questions
jut out of them
like springs

who invented words
how many people are sneezing right now
why are some trees short

and then suddenly
we are talking
about migrant children
and I try to keep
the details vague
but they know

they must be so scared
my daughter says

but that’s wrong
my son says

and both are quiet
as we watch the blur
of streets that bloat
with casual safety
and choices everywhere
that we take for granted
like rain

and then my son
gets his loud voice

I don’t want to write
stupid letters
I want to go there
and rip down the fences

I start to say something
about violence
but I stop

I can see his eyes
in the rear view mirror

there is a wild heat
inside him
and god knows
those children
need warmth.

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