2020-01-11T13:37:29-08:00January 11th, 2020|Parenthood|

Snow day

The snow that was
this morning a white quilt
under which the grass
took cover

has turned
to a dirty pudding
of mud

the floor in front
of both our doors
puddles in spots
I didn’t know
were uneven

my son’s friend
lifts a ladybug
out of the slush

poor thing

she says
and places him
inside a stump
and we all
choose to believe
he is grateful

the hot chocolate
boils over
on the stove

and everyone’s socks
are wet

I put somebody’s apple core
in the compost
but it rolls off
the top

I look at it
for too long
on the floor

my daughter
quietly picks it up
and puts it back
in the bag

and I know
that ladybug
must have wept
for the kindness.

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