2022-01-20T19:06:24-08:00July 27th, 2016|Parenthood|

A quieter path to peace

You are naked
except for a paper crown
and your shouting

which you wear
like a weapon
in this battle
to get
what you want

it isn’t like you
to yell
but you want to watch
Bob the Train
on my phone
and you shout
as loud as you can

it is precious to me

which might have made me laugh
except I didn’t sleep much
the night before
so I make
a stern face

do not
yell at me

and this makes you burst
into tears
and fling yourself
off the couch
and into my arms

as you tuck your hands
into my armpits
and sob on the side
of my neck

you begin to play with my hair
your breath slowing down

and I think
if only
it was this way
for everyone

like that man
running for the job
of most powerful person
in the world

he would yell and shout
but as soon
as he felt
he was hurting

it would hurt him too
to yell

so he would soften
and slowly
find a quieter path
to peace.

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