2020-03-24T18:17:38-07:00July 20th, 2016|Musings on life|

Me time

I got to the class early
and actually closed my eyes
during meditation

I breathed when she told me to
and when she said

you’re amazing

even though she was talking to everyone
I believed her

it was just like my friend said
on our walk this weekend
as our kids swam
and sometimes fought
and begged us to film
their play
on our phones

we need
our me time

and because
being decisive
is one of my strengths
I scheduled it
the very next day

so there I was
on the mat
alone and steady

feeling like I was lacing
myself back up

remembering what it felt like
when thoughts didn’t come and go
in gulps

and when it was over
I slowly got dressed
back into my work clothes
which is when I noticed it

a Chewbacca sticker
pasted to the sole
of my foot

and I wondered
if they stuck it there
to remind me
to come back.

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