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Why do I have a mouth

I look at your relaxed face
smooth and bouncy
like the skin of a plum
your mouth open just enough
when you concentrate
that drool tips out
like a forgotten faucet
over a small sink

everyone says you look
like me

which makes me ask you questions
as though I have found
a way back

what are you thinking about right now
I drill you
and you answer the same way
you have for weeks

Frosty the Snowman

which makes me laugh
but not you

and I wonder if the small me
is still inside of me
or maybe we all start with an old person
inside of us
that we grow into

yes I think that’s it
like last night
when your dad lay beside you
trying to get you to sleep

it was so late
and he said

you don’t have to go to sleep
but you have to stop talking, okay

and you asked him
Dad, why do I have a mouth

why a mouth
he repeated your question
getting frustrated

because I like talking
you answered

and this is how I know
that when I hold you
in my arms
I am cradling
your wise
and wrinkled face.

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