2020-03-30T20:30:18-07:00July 22nd, 2016|Parenthood|

Letting go

He is up in the tree
higher than the roof of our house
I can just see the orange of his shirt
like the wing of a tropical bird
or a kite

he is so high now
that my brain wobbles a bit
when I look up at him
so I sit down on the park bench
and look away

look mama
he yells

the leaves rustle
as he bounces
on a branch

I pretend to look
and give him a thumbs up

another mom is beside me on the bench
and she asks how old he is

when I tell her he is five
she is amazed

and I am too

not that he has learned
to hang in the sky

but that I have learned
to let go.

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