2016-01-13T09:43:30-08:00January 13th, 2016|Parenthood|

Why not

You ask me
if we can buy marshmallows
and before my jaw
obeys the habit
of no

I stop
and say

why not

your eyes get big
and you ask me

a whole bag

I smile
and we jump in the car
and sing
the Sound of Music
theme song
really loud
he whole way

and when we get
to the grocery store
you take my hand
and ask me if I’ll skip
down the aisle
with you

I feel shy
but I say

why not

and you kiss my hand
and pull my ear
close to your mouth
and whisper

this is the time
of my life

you eat two in the checkout line
and on the car ride home
you count out half
and even though I decline at first
you smile and say

why not

and then we agree
it feels like we’re hugging
when we share.

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