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The nose nipple

I was actually feeling pretty good.

New boots,
nice poncho,
a compliment today
on my hair.

Until I got home
and my daughter asked me,

Why you have nipple
on your nose, mama?

I tell her it’s a mole
but she ignores me
and tells her brother
about the nipple.

My husband looks at me
with no sympathy
since a few minutes earlier
our son had tried
to make him feel better.

Dad, you’re not as fat
as Winnie the Pooh.

Now the kids are asleep
and my husband’s at the gym
and I have eaten quite a lot
of butter.

I suddenly remember
the time when I was pregnant
getting into the shower
and my son asked me,

Mama, is your bum growing big
so that the baby
can come out that way?

I laugh so hard
I wake my daughter up
so I go in and lie next to her
whispering to her
what I realize they have been
saying to us all along

you’re perfect
you’re perfect.

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