2022-02-15T16:22:13-08:00October 25th, 2015|Parenthood|

A big clock

We can’t go back there
not for at least five years
not after what happened.

I should have known
after the last time
with the band-aids.

Aisles of things
you want
the way a lion
wants meat.

I thought I was safe,
just batteries.

A quick trip
in and out.

But then you saw
the alarm clocks
and your body
turned to fire.

At first I watch you
like I would if you
were an animal
and I was at the zoo

impressed by how red you get
and the way your crying
gets faster and faster
like your rage is running downhill.

But then I realize
that you are screaming
over and over
I want a big clock
only you can’t say your L’s

and I remember later
driving home
how it was me
everyone was staring at
I suppose
all sorts
of exciting things.

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