2014-09-04T01:30:13-07:00September 4th, 2014|Musings on life|

The piles

I was ambitious
I told my husband

by the end of the week

the piles on the stairs are too high
and there is too much broccoli
on the floor

it’s become absurd
we agree

I try to start small
in one corner
but when I get down low
I see the art supplies
under the couch
with the plates
that don’t fit
in our cupboard

and just like that
I am beaten

the house has won
I am too outnumbered
by objects that have a purpose
but no place

so I do what I always do
when my will sags
in tired protest

I make tea
and I sit
letting serenity interrupt me
until my weariness thaws
and I come
to life again.

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