2020-03-25T12:00:41-07:00August 23rd, 2014|Musings on life|

Beans and rice

I give a last hug to my friend’s daughter
headed to university
and I remember the feeling
of being that age
of rolling over
to a new life
as if the page of time
was turning me

I want to tell her
about that guy in cowboy boots
and why I’m glad I said yes
and how beans and rice
make a complete protein

I want to tell her
about morning classes
and how I made money
by selling my clothes

but she’s getting on a boat
and the summer heat makes it all seem
more like a story
than a life

so I just hug her again
and my son asks me
why I keep hugging her
and I tell him I am wishing her
a great time at university

as the boat leaves
he yells at her

have a great universe

and I think

that’s exactly
what I meant.

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