2013-11-29T17:10:50-08:00November 29th, 2013|Parenthood|

A fort made of pillows

You stand on one foot
while we talk about homeless people
and I can’t remember
how we got onto this topic
but you won’t let it go

like do they sleep in trees
like squirrels
and should you build them a fort
made of pillows
or boxes

I start to tell you
that some do sleep inside boxes
but then your chin quivers
and you tell me you want to give them
our house
and we can live at Grandpa’s

to which all my reasons we can’t
seem cruel in the bright lens
of your wobbly face

so I just say
that’s the kindest idea I’ve ever heard

and we hug
and you build a big fort
which you tell me
would fit all of us
if we needed it.

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