2013-11-28T22:00:04-08:00November 28th, 2013|Parenthood|

I didn’t forget this

I’d forgotten how warm babies are
and the way they breathe
fast like sparrows
their fingernails
thin as apple peel

I’d forgotten how much I can do
with just my left hand
even floss
with the help
of an elbow and a knee

and how much I can’t do
as the day storms by
while I pick away at its wake

but I didn’t forget this
the way your wispy hands
wander the air
caressing it
like those healers who say
they can move energy

and then you inhale
almost surprised
your lips making a perfect circle
and each time I expect
you to come out with it

the mystery you have solved

we both know
it is profound
and yet lost
in the wordlessness of you
as you lay in my arms
a universe away.

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