2020-03-31T01:35:15-07:00April 5th, 2013|Creativity|

My creativity ran away from home

I go deep
but all I find
is the old muffin
I ate yesterday
for dinner

I try to coax it back
like I do with my son
when I want him to wear
his sweater vest
but I am in a rush
and it runs the other way

I yell
and it yells back

I start anyway
and it is like those dreams
when you cannot
work your hands

I learn again
how I am so much flesh
draped over a tiny stranger
who comes and goes as it likes

without it
I am unlit

I go to sleep early
lying on my back
I feel the pinch
of my need

I do the only thing left to do

I think sweet thoughts
trying to lure back the bee.

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