2013-03-02T22:10:51-08:00March 2nd, 2013|Musings on life|

The taxi driver

The rain pounds
like panicked hands
trying to get inside
the warm taxi

he drops us off
I am soaked in seconds
rain runs off my face
like a drainpipe

I carry the stroller
while my kid hangs on me
yelling over the wind
his body parts that are wet

the receptionist tells us
the open gym is closed
I tell her we took a cab here
I try not to hate her

the taxi driver comes in
are you ok
his arms over his head
he has no coat

he drives us for free
to Science World
he hums along with my son
to Wheels on the Bus

I say thank you
a hundred times
I say no other taxi driver
would have waited

he says he was a doctor in India
he laughs softly
says it helps him
to rescue when he can.

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