2022-06-07T09:47:36-07:00February 27th, 2013|Musings on life|

Paper airplanes

You can have a will
and life insurance
or if you’re like my mom
you pick the song
that will play at your service

but I’m surprised
more people don’t bet
on the off chance
that we will linger
somewhere other
than under everyone’s feet

that they don’t pick
a ripe piece of the world
for their own

like the moon
or sparrows

so that when the rest of us
are gluey with missing you,
we can look up
and haul our trust
that what you said is true

that’s not a moon,
it’s your eye
open wide
watching us for signs
of healing

and those aren’t sparrows,
they’re paper airplanes
covered with answers
that you wrote
and then flung
from the sky.

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