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You got my big toes
and your grandmother’s eyes

your auntie’s penchant for laughter

your confidence
came directly from grandpa

and we don’t know why
you look sideways when you run
as though your feet are chasing you
but we blame my father
who no one has met
except my mother
of course
who says she never saw
him run

but the sweetest thing
is what you got from your dad

your delight in people
as though each one
is a fireworks display
and you are the audience
clapping for her pretty hair
or the wobbly way
that boy rides his bike

as for your dad
I waved to the postman this morning
and then your dad
came rushing down


he yelled
carrying the print-out he’d made
of the information
Ray needed

something about Ray’s daughter
wanting to be an actress

but all I could think about
as you and your dad waved
goodbye to Ray at the window
was that I hadn’t ever thought
to ask his name.

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