2013-01-19T23:23:58-08:00January 19th, 2013|Parenthood|

Why you shouldn’t listen to parenting advice

When did I give their voices
a key to my head

let them in
to tangle my thoughts
until I couldn’t recognize
who is who

tonight you lay in the dark
face sticky with crying and snot
I lay beside you
telling you
what they told me
to tell you

and when an hour later
I finally put on my housecoat
like you asked
and we went downstairs

you fell asleep
on my shoulder
so fast
with such relief
it was like you’d been holding up
a boulder

and I realized
the voices weren’t wrong
I was just wrong
to listen

I had been reading you
like a map
not allowing
for the possibility
that you are also
my guide.

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