2013-01-18T11:34:12-08:00January 18th, 2013|Parenthood|

The case of the green drink that was purple

We’ve always called them green drinks
because of the kale
but they’re actually purple
all those blueberries
spun to smithereens

and for some reason
this dissonance
was too much for you last night

you howled
I want a green drink

while your body arched and flailed
like you were being tickled
with knives

you don’t dissolve very often
and I am normally up to the job
of magician

but I felt angry too
at the unreasonableness
of your small red face

so I did all I could think to do
to release my fury

I closed my eyes
and sang opera
so loud
and for so long
that when I was done
you had already started
to laugh.

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