2013-01-02T15:33:51-08:00January 2nd, 2013|Nature|

Therapy session with frost

I don’t mean to be a pity party
but nobody likes me
always scraping me off their cars
and blaming me
for their wilted gardens
and broken hips

I tried to tell grass
that I like women who let their hair go white
but she didn’t say a word

it’s harder to make friends than you’d think
snow is just not that bright
and rain’s a big blowhard
but that’s nothing compared to sun
who has it in for me

I tried to get into a freezer
but the wait list is crazy
as you can imagine

it’s been good to chat
icicle recommended you
he said you worked wonders
on his sense of self

says he no longer worries about melting
or impaling flesh

says you told him
if they look carefully
every colour dances
in his lumpy spike.

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