2012-12-19T11:27:40-08:00December 19th, 2012|Parenthood|

First snowfall

It’s snowing here today
which is all we talk about
while the cars crawl
like they’re in a parade
and lovers tell each other
be careful out there
though if a car hit you at that speed
you might not notice

I try to remember
what my driving instructor taught me
do you turn into the skid
or away

I pump my brakes every few seconds
to be on the safe side
my mind half focused on the slush
half fantasizing about all the ways
I could die

like that old man who slipped
and hit his head
or the woman who got run over
by a snow plow

I think about my son
and whether he would remember
the bigness of my love
and all the little things too
like the way we name the blackbirds
serious names like Doug
and the way I rub his feet
and this morning
when we pressed our cheeks together
squishy and fat
as we danced a silly waltz
he in his winter boots
while I sang Christmas carols
showing off to ourselves in the mirror.

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