2012-12-09T11:32:34-08:00December 9th, 2012|Musings on life|

The marketer inside me

Yesterday I looked everywhere
for reasons to compliment people
which I do from time to time
like having a sauna or a fondue

I should do it more often
because it isn’t hard at all
like leaving a light on
in your mind
that normally stays dim

the giddiness kicks in right away
I want to French-kiss people
and be in a musical

but then she shows up
rhapsodic in her own way
the shameless marketer
inside me
elbowing into the joy
like she always does
a moth to light

she has an urgent idea
to make it competitive
to make compliments a board game

I write it all down
and get back to rummaging the crowds
for loveliness

trying not to think
about how it is easier to be ambitious
than kind.

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