2020-03-31T01:38:28-07:00November 19th, 2012|Creativity|

Don’t let anyone tell you focus is key

Follow inspiration with frenzy
like a mad bee
that smells nectar
prowling around the flower
waiting for it to budge
and let him in

write all night
forget to pee
hang tight off the end of your idea

do three things at once
don’t let anyone tell you
focus is key

focus is what eyes do
while your tongue licks
and your hands sort
and your ears bend backwards
to hear that melody again

when you think about it
what else should you do with this brain
in a nest of bone

creativity is your right

get messy
get soft
get over it

push yourself
like you would
a kid on a swing

look at what you made
isn’t the view sweet.

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