2012-11-17T12:10:34-08:00November 17th, 2012|Musings on life|

Carjacking from the vantage point of a stuffed rabbit

It’s already dark
when two men in bright jackets
drop off a note in our mailbox

car thieves in your neighbourhood

the clip-art bandits don’t look very ominous
and comic sans was the wrong font choice
but I can’t tell them any of this
as I sit on the couch
pinned by my sleeping son
who still leaks flu
like watery oil out of an old truck

I picture my car
sitting out in the rain
big bulk of prey

but all I can think of
is raccoons with baseballs caps
peeling away in our family hatchback
the bunny that my son puts in the car seat
when he gets out
thinking finally a little fun.

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