2012-10-29T10:26:21-07:00October 29th, 2012|Musings on life|

A bag named Troy

Thank you for taking my call
you see I want to buy my husband a bag
and you have a generous selection
but the trouble is you have given them names
like Troy and Patrick
which if you knew my husband
you would appreciate that he can’t wear Troy
any more than he can exfoliate
which I tried to explain to him once
and he said it sounded fascist
and as for Patrick
you named your flashiest bag after him
which I think is odd for a patron saint
anyways what I’m trying to say
is names are heavy
which you would know if you’ve had a kid
and had to etch an identity for him out of the alphabet
it seems the car folks know this
you don’t meet people named Prius or Bronco
or see an ad for a car called Steve
anyways that’s all I wanted to say
I won’t be buying a bag from you of course
I found one at Aldo’s called Casalmoro
which is a pretty town near Milan
but I appreciate your time Julia
did you know your name means youthful
what a lucky thing.

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