2012-06-29T00:00:50-07:00June 29th, 2012|Nature|

What koalas dream about

We know the recessional velocity of a galaxy
which is clever
but I was relieved to learn
that we don’t yet know
why we kiss
or blush
or what a koala dreams about
way up there
in his eucalyptus tree.

He sleeps twenty hours a day
so I like to imagine he spends it
chasing kangaroos
and winning
or playing pranks
on owls.

Though perhaps he doesn’t dream at all
quiet episodes of blankness
his life’s long shadow
the stillness between the blinks.

If my math is right
it means that if he lives to be eighteen
he will only have been awake
for three years
which makes me antsy
and think again about the dreaming
the puzzle between his big ears
behind those eyes
as motionless as stones.

I want to unspool everything
but knowledge is a strange end
of the road sometimes
for what does it serve
to know.

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