2012-06-24T00:00:01-07:00June 24th, 2012|Musings on life|

A conversation with my housecoat

One day I should take you to work
you have no idea
that I have high heels
and employees

you see me only in the morning
and as I write my poem
before bed

and those first few weeks after I gave birth
after the midwife parted your old pink fleece and said to me
you can push now
do you remember
his little body
you stretched around us both

I never told you this
I bought a new one
planned to get rid of you
it’s been over ten years
and you’re pilly
and so

the truth is
the new one was sexier
but not as warm
and I missed the way I played
with your floppy collar
as I read
and ate my cereal
all of it
nothing much
and at the same time
such a rare
perfect thing.

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