2012-05-16T00:03:44-07:00May 16th, 2012|Musings on life|

My unpredictable birthday moment

There is cake
and my husband plants poems
under my keyboard

phone calls and texts
I am stuffed with love

my mother sings to me
before noon
because that’s the rule

the day sewn up
with that half hour
between stops
a cinnamon bun
an interview on the car radio
indie filmmakers
their journey makes my legs twitch
with my own big dreams

I had thought I would use the pocket of time
to reflect before the year thaws
into a murky version of itself

but I am too fizzy for contemplation
I unroll the window
a man is picking avocados
from the grocer’s basket on the sidewalk
he is singing Against All Odds by Phil Collins
I join in
and then I drive away
not even blushing.

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