2012-04-30T00:01:39-07:00April 30th, 2012|Musings on life|

The bench

I always want to know more about the people
behind the dedications on benches

was the bench there already
and did they sit there a lot
watching the people
and the ducks

or maybe they read
a chapter every time
a real keener who maximized his days
fresh air and literature
in one stop

perhaps they never came to this park at all
but their daughter lives nearby now
and wants a place to rest
her grieving feet

I saw one once that simply said
they could do with a bench here
and then his name and the years he lived
which made me weep
for obvious reasons

I think if it was me
I couldn’t help but imagine your ghost
sitting beside me
I would want people to stop looking
so I could tell you
that it is still so hard
with you gone.

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