2012-04-27T00:59:48-07:00April 27th, 2012|Musings on life|

Boing boing

It’s not a class
it’s a shuffling
of the bits of you

so that mother and wife
boss and daughter
are eclipsed by the euphoria
in your elbows

your bare feet move across the floor
like a stomping beast
the music thumps
somebody bellows

you weren’t expecting it
the innocence of that sound
it rips the moment
and the words pour in

this is totally nutbar
you run a company
you wear hot rollers
you are obsessed with office supplies

the bellowing again
it was you

you can tell by the crunch in your cheeks
how hard
you are smiling

you jump up and down
this is boing boing
your inhibitions
don’t stand
a chance.

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