2012-04-19T00:01:43-07:00April 19th, 2012|Parenthood|

Unusual terrain

I lay like a mound of earth
an inanimate lump
except for the shivering

a bad cold
maybe the flu

my husband is out
and I think about making my son dinner
but I don’t move

he doesn’t seem worried at all
he runs a wooden moose over my limbs
back and forth
making car sounds
nudging me every few minutes
looking for my eyelids to open

this is all he needs
a parent who is alive
bonus for unusual terrain

when I finally decide he must eat
he feeds himself
while I huddle beside him
speaking in platitudes
trying to stay on top
of something

and when he is done
he points to a cloth
and wipes his face and hands clean
on his own
the first time ever

I think about all the qualities we hope for him
passionate about life

and then I think
what a gorgeous thing it is
to be kind.

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