2012-04-17T09:34:39-07:00April 17th, 2012|Creativity|

The power of creativity

There is a trick you should know
an alchemy older than the gnarled hucksters
who tried to spin metal to gold

this is real magic
like rain to snow
a moment when everything shifts

you are inside the hull of sadness
or the hot kick of rage

and suddenly

you realize you have never been so ripe
for your art

you write from the belly of the feeling
a writhing snake of words

you put a camera up to your eyes
those potholes of mud and tears

you paint fast and angry
your fingers clawing at life
wanting something back

the vice

the thickness of emotion
in front of you now
ready to be witnessed

this is the power
of creativity

an avalanche that ends in joy

soon you will look at your work like the others do
awe at the turmoil
wondering if it was really you
who swam in that sea.

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