2012-03-23T00:01:37-07:00March 23rd, 2012|Creativity|

The art of flirting with your muse

Seduce her
enchant her
work your mind
so that it is supple
when she lands

write letters
write long-hand
write anything

don’t assume
she needs you

she has her own agenda

don’t you know
muses are what artists play at
when they die
a part-time job while they wait
for their next life
to grab them

you are a diversion
but you can be the show
she can’t stop watching

don’t clean your desk
drown your excuses
in a frenzy of words
let them crash into each other
and scavenge the rubble
for plot lines

she is the bee
so bloom
make yourself ripe
for feasting.

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