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Charles Dickens would have been a smashing blogger

I’m with Henry James
who called Charles Dickens
although it’s worth noting
that Henry
never married.

As for Dickens
it’s his productivity
I admire.

Not inclined to revise
he pushed his pen fast
and released the need
to be perfect.

He loved his audience
more than his ideas
he was all in favour
of quantity.

My son sits next to me on the stairs
and we share a few dried plums
his hand is warm
on my leg.

The stillness is so rare
with a toddler
I ache for the tenderness to last
but it is me who disrupts it
without even moving
an irrepressible urge
to go back upstairs
call someone
write something
conquer the world.

I want to know
were you kind to your ten children
Mr. Dickens
or did you give it all
to us.

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