2012-03-16T00:58:19-07:00March 16th, 2012|Musings on life|

The final impotence of a shadow

I know a woman in a war
with a shadow
the size of a walnut
on her lung

she evicted it years ago
but it came back
as quiet as the bottom
of a lake

how dare it return

her fury is boiling hot
but there is nowhere to register
a complaint

and so she consoles the innocent parts of her body
as she soaks them all
in a strange kind of medicine
that makes her writhe and
then limp

she is scared
she is tired
she is brave
she is clear

I tried to pray for her
the other day
but I didn’t know who
to reach for

so I just closed my eyes
and what I saw
was an army
of her friends
a cacophony of blessings
and I knew

that defiant kind of knowing

a shadow
cannot endure
such light.

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