2012-03-04T00:05:55-08:00March 4th, 2012|Relationships|

The tipping point of small blunders

A minor indiscretion
a shortness in his answer perhaps
looking at the computer when she is talking
used her toothbrush

on another day it would have reabsorbed
like a dream
into the place
where these things melt

but today she is riding a hundred horses
and the reins are tangled
and the rain has turned to hail
and the baby just went down
and just woke up

she climbs just enough on top of the mood
to announce it

I need to yell

so she does
eyes closed
a lob of frustration into the sky
a word made of vowels and thunder
not as loud as she’d hoped
but loud enough to loosen
the clench in her toes

and she is able to see him again
blue eyes like summer
kind hands
a human being
a husband
out from under the veil
of his inconsequential crimes.

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