2012-02-20T00:05:10-08:00February 20th, 2012|Relationships|

An open letter to his past lovers

Funny how little we know about each other
though we have so much flesh
in common

I’m sure I would like each of you
just as if I found people who loved consignment stores
salt in their rice pudding

you loved
what I love
and he loved

sometimes when he makes me laugh so hard
I wonder
do you miss him

perhaps you would like an update
he is happy
with an undercurrent of restlessness
that keeps his creativity

but what I am trying to say is

thank you

all of those moments you shared
the intimacy and the sorrow
the alphabet postcards (I found them)

you are all collapsed into the mystery of his past
and somehow
you landed him
as he is
beside me

not as a blank canvas
but a human being
the kinder
for having loved
you all.

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