2012-02-12T23:58:50-08:00February 12th, 2012|Musings on life|

Paper icebergs

I clean my desk gingerly at first
neat handwriting with a nice pen
those smooth brown folders.

I pause over an old to-do list
with a nervous excitement
noting the things
I’d forgotten about
that I still want to do.

I move with the devotion
of a curator
sifting through the fragmented trail of my life
even my Visa bills tell a story.

Two hours pass
and I notice
the piles seem bigger
I am surrounded
by paper icebergs.

A new euphoria sets in
as I stuff the recycling bin
as fast as I can
titillated by the suburban risk
of throwing away a receipt
I might need.

The desk is clean in minutes
I am a numb kind of happy
staring blankly at the bare surface
as though it was my own brain
I just purged.

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