2022-05-05T14:10:13-07:00January 15th, 2012|Parenthood|

Partial repository of my imperfections as a mother

All the times I talked to you in a sing-song voice
a tinny kind of happy
while responding to emails

when I fell asleep
kneeling overtop of your little body
for who knows how long
except it was long enough
for my legs to go numb

the way I can’t seem to judge
the turn around the staircase
and knock your head
against the wall

when you wake up
I sometimes count the hours
until you will sleep

and I can’t seem to
get into

It’s not really an apology
this catalog of blunders
nor a pitch for forgiveness

I just wanted you to know
little goose
that human beings are curious
that imperfect days
fit inside
a love so big
it feels like I swallowed
the sea.

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