2012-01-01T22:57:40-08:00January 1st, 2012|Nature|

Keeping track

The sunset
one thin line
between fat cloud lips
as though God started colouring the sky
cornbread yellow
and got interrupted.

The trees look bad-tempered
without their leaves
jagged and stiff
the wind blowing
through their ribs.

At our neighbour’s house
the kids play with their new kittens
in the bathtub
no water
just claws
to pierce the enamel
and escape.

The torrent of detail
is alarming

who is keeping track of all this life

I look down
expecting the mud to offer up
an insipid respite

but perhaps there has never been
such a love affair
between rain
and dirt
as the glossy earth at my feet
ripe and awake.

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