December 7, 2011

I am not old

I am not old, she said
I am rare

I am the standing ovation
at the end of the play

I am the retrospective
of my life
as art

I am the hours
connected like dots
into good sense

I am the fullness
of existing

you think I am waiting to die
but I am waiting to be found

I am a treasure
I am a map
these wrinkles are imprints
of my journey

ask me

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@marie I can’t believe you wrote this poem about being “old” when you are so young. I am 72 years old and came across this poem “I am not Old” earlier this year.
I am an artist and I’ve referred to your poem in my work. When I read it out at workshops,others always ask for a copy because it is so meaningful to women of my age. Thank You Samantha


O, YOU are the author? I am going on that assumption.


That poem, “I am not old” is way above average and requires attribution before I share. Do you know who wrote it?


@marcel villeneuve
I can’t believe this post – I too saw this in a bus stop in Vancouver and was floored. I forwarded it to my sisters, Mom and female friends though I’ve never forwarded a poem before. It makes me realize that poetry can give you an alternate way of looking at life – thank-you Samantha. I will be saving this.


I seen this poem at a bus stop in Vancouver bc ca.I loved it.


This has to be one of the better works of poetry I’ve read in a long time and I am always looking for good writing.. whether poetry or prose to post for a number of pages I own on Facebook. What I want to let you know.. is that I shared this on two of my pages.. one of them listed below to over 100 likes combined and just about all of the women shared it forward. I imagine it will get back around to you at some point.. as these things do. I am amazed at how you are able to write a poem a day.. though it’s certainly a wonderful idea and along with so many.. more I am so grateful. Thank you. ~ Blessings and Peace ~ Robin


I have printed this for my fridge…and will tape a well read, well loved,copy to my bathroom mirror…in super big print when i reside happily at the old folks home….;0) thanks!


Thank you so much for seeing the story that exists behind the wrinkles. I feel like I became invisible around 40 something, 50 something… It is nice to know there are people(young people) in the world who still see me.


I just need to say, please don’t stop writing these daily poems….ever……you have no idea how much I look forward to them. I don’t think I’d be the only one who would also dearly love to see them compiled into a book at some point. As always, I love this. Thank you for sharing your writing adventure.


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