2022-06-03T11:03:02-07:00November 25th, 2011|Relationships|

The wedding

She walks down the aisle
the same way they all do
and all those women,
the thousands today
and the millions before her,
are beside her
yet also erased.

For she is inside the belly of her moment,
so triumphant
there is only room for the shallow rise
and fall of her breath,
her mother’s arm,
faces shining back at her,
all of us so optimistic.

And he is in a top hat
playing the standup bass,
waiting for her to land beside him
and he sings

can’t help falling in love

while we beam,
giddy with emotion
because forever comes true
and the world will sew up its wounds
inside this moment.

Let it last a little longer,
this floating,
this gluttony
for hope.

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