2011-05-27T23:30:12-07:00May 27th, 2011|Musings on life, Relationships|

Claws and thorns

There is an angry girl
inside of me
claws and thorns
an opportunist
she waits for moments
of entitlement
and then she swallows me
so I am the audience
to her rampage of words
I will regret.

She is ravenous
for transgressions
each remembered offense
is fuel and she burns
hot and unstoppable.

There is some relief
in her recklessness
as though I have been holding
her back forever
and she is finally free
daring the consequences
to crash down upon me
puppeteering my heart
into a fortress.

But he is stronger than her
he finds me
inside the storm
and mocks her tension
he gets into the shower
with his clothes on
she is helpless
I am released
back to laughter
while she curls deep
into that space
and waits
for her next turn
to roar.

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