2011-04-16T22:38:51-07:00April 16th, 2011|Musings on life|

A big man

We met him at dinner
he was sitting alone
a big man
wide neck and thick hands
the sort of face that looks like it was
never young.
I had him pegged
plastic lawn chair
kind of guy.
But he smiled fast
as though he had been waiting a long time
to release it.
A soft smile
shy about the kindness
it let rush out.
My husband chatted with him
about his vegetarian efforts
his failing kidneys
his nomadic lifestyle
his desire to live for a year
in India.
I smiled back at him
wondering how long it had been
since he’d been hugged and told
how lovely he is
willing my eyes
to tell him I could see
that his insides were crowded
with love.

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