2021-08-31T17:34:45-07:00March 10th, 2011|Musings on life|

Weapons to slay the fog

I am afraid
I may come back
next lifetime
as a cashier
at Office Depot.

My affection
for office supplies
is that great.

I stand in front of
the racks of pens
like I am at a museum
and this is art.

I weave the wide aisles
stalking inventions,
the thing to make me marvel
at how I ever lived
without it.

I buy a new stapler:
it overhauls
my day.

All of it,
a promise
of blank slates
and an obedient mind.

to slay the

I read that people
steal billions of dollars
of office supplies
from their employers
every year.

We all know
it’s not the paper punchers
and pushpins they’re after;
they’re just trying
to pocket
a bit of

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