2022-08-10T12:13:36-07:00January 25th, 2011|Nature|

I came on strong

I grew up on grass,
not meadows
and parks,
not forests.

My ocean had a lifeguard
and a raft.

I later learned
that people have love affairs
with nature
and I decided I was ready to let nature
have her way
with me too.

I came on strong;
sniffing her sap
and fondling her rocks.

Waiting impatiently
for my breath
to catch fire,
for my soul
to shake.

But it was as though I was covered in oil,
city all over me,
and she was rain that beaded on my skin
and ran off my face like tears.
My mistake
wasn’t in pursuing her;
it was in not pursuing

I am nature
and until I can hear the roar
of the wind
in my own breath,
I am just a gangly girl trying to catch
a butterfly
in my net.

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