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Rats of the sky

It’ll cost you.
The netting doesn’t work,
don’t be fooled.
And a fake eagle
they’ll peck his plastic eyes out
while they laugh in your face.
The spikes are effective
but like he said
it don’t come cheap.

They’re the rats of the sky
sewer birds
flying vermin.

He seemed almost infatuated.
I suppose it’s inevitable
to fall in love with
the enemy.

I almost hired him
their shit was ruining our new roof
and he seemed so

But every morning I see her
our neighbour
she’s a night-shift nurse
I only ever see her brother stop by
every few weeks
they smoke silently together on her porch
then he leaves
but every morning
like I was saying
she walks out to the grass
in front of our two homes
and she stands there
while a hundred seagulls
come flying over to her
circling her
embracing her
calling out to her
she makes them wait
more come
she’s surrounded
the squawking is deafening
and then she feeds them.

I can almost hear them
their love poems to her.

I call the fellow back.
We won’t be needing your services
after all.

They’ll take over your life
he warns.
I look out the window.
She is still standing there.
The grain is gone
but all the birds remain
dancing around her
singing their devotion.

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