May 3, 2012

This is where creativity hides

Hollow out your memories
until you get to the dustiest bits
jammed into the corners
of your spirit

forgotten weekends
beliefs you thought were glued on tight
the way shame ignites
only dormant
never gone

how does it all fit
the wake of a life
so much history
spooled inside us

you wonder what the point is
in all this remembering

but a tree does more than reach for the sun
it feasts on the rain
sucking it like a straw
from its darkest

this is where creativity hides
wearing the mask of your old stories
words and images
the debris of time
waiting to be stitched
into art.

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I’ve tried twice to get your daily poem sent to me, but it hasn’t come. Don’t know what I’m doing wrong!


The dustiest bits of memories SHOULD be brought out and woven into a beautiful tapestry to share lessons with others. This is one of my new favorites of yours, Sam!


I’ll say an AMEN to “beliefs you thought were glued on tight” (-: That’s where I am at right now. Lovely.


“the dustiest bits”
“history spooled inside us”
“the darkest buried roots”

This is where I’m going. This poem is stunningly accurate!


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