2012-12-31T17:20:18-08:00December 31st, 2012|Parenthood|

New Year’s Eve

I’ve always thought of today
less as the end of a year
and more as the exciting moment
before the new one begins

like that moment before a film starts
or when the waiter walks your way
carrying dessert

it’s the fate of the planner in me
a frothy keenness for vows
a long list titled

I tried to reflect on the past
but it goes wobbly
if I look at it too closely
like my son
who I only get to stare at
when he sleeps

so I charted my promises
and then I let my eyes loosen
noticing as the sun chalked
a skinny line of gold above the sea
and a plane buzzed above
like a black needle threading itself
in and out of the clouds

our friend told us that if you find a rock
with a line all the way around it
you can toss it into the sea
and make a wish

I made the wish I always make
while my son threw rocks in by the fistful
line around them or not
one splashy clump after the other
his cheeks numb with cold
he said to me

one for me
rest for everybody else

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